Our Artisanal Gins


V2C gin begins with its ingredients; the freshest botanicals. Simple, natural, rich and flavorsome. The craft only adds to the quality and finish of V2C gin. Each and every bottle of gin that bears the V2C label is a product of time, love, taste and devotion for your enjoyment.


AbouT (the men behind) v2c

V2C started its production early 2014. Today, next to our Classic Dutch Dry Gin, we have put together four Specials. We care about nature, about craftsmanship, about the spirit of life. Let us introduce ourselves: Ad, Jorgo, Laurens and Fernand. And this is our story.

Where to get V2c

You can find our gins at various liquor stores around The Netherlands and some in Belgium. In case you want to order online, we’ve made a selection of trusted web shops. In case you want to have a glass in a bar or restaurant, here is a list of places we’d like to go.